30 December 2017: OopsClunkThud has closed up shop but some of our products are still available from other retailers. We have provided links below where possible.


Dogleg Levers

Dogleg Levers-GTS

Dogleg Levers

Our Dogleg Levers for the GTS and LX are now shipping. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, they provide the same range of motion as the stock levers while reducing the reach by about 5mm. Sold as a pair and available in a silver brushed aluminum finish.

The levers are still available from Vespa Motorsport

Uncle Bob's Rack Clamp

Rack Clamp

Rack Clamp

Designed and manufactured in California as a secure and durable replacement clamp for the rear rack of the GTS. Unlike the stock plastic clamp, this one will hold the rack securely down without falling off the first time you hit a bump. Fits the factory GTS rear rack as well as Vespa accessory folding rear rack for the Super, S, and LX.

The Clamp is still available from Vespa Motorsport

3D Printed Items

Brixometer Cases, Bell Mouth Intakes, and other 3D printed items are still available from shapeways.com